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Take Better Care of Your First Dog with These Apps

If the time has come to get your first dog, there’s a lot to learn. You need to dog-proof your home and yard, invest in general dog gear from The Pet Pantry, and find a vet that will partner with you in keeping your dog healthy and happy. But it doesn’t stop there. You might be surprised to find that your phone can actually be one of the best tools for becoming an expert owner, thanks to the many great dog-oriented apps available.

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We've picked out five of the best apps to narrow the field. Together, they make an ultimate combo to cover all your pet-care needs. Keep in mind that you may not be able to run these apps as well with a poor internet connection. Investing in high-speed internet with powerful bandwidth allows you to run these apps to their full potential.

From there, load up that phone with these apps so you’ll be a pet parenting pro in no time!

Pawprint App - Pet Medical Records Tracker

The Pawprint app has a simple design that is absolutely essential. As Fierce Pharma explains, this app tracks your pet's medical records with absolute accuracy and easy transfers no matter what vet or service you need. When you adopt, you can log all the shots they have, whether they've been fixed, and their heartworm status. The shelter, breeder, or rescue facility will likely give you documents that you can scan in.

Every time you take your pet to the vet, you should also scan your records and create a permanent online medical history for your pet that travels with you.

Puppr - Learn to Train Your Dog

For first-time dog owners looking to up their skills, Puppr is a fantastic app. It trains you so you can train your dog. Puppr is full of really useful lessons and demonstrations on what to teach your dog and how to teach them in supportive and effective ways. There are tons of not-so-great ways to train your dog and first-timers often don't know where to start. Puppr gives you insights, ideas, and tips to help your dog learn how to be your ideal companion.

FitBark - Dog Health and Fitness Tracker

In the past, even the best dog owners had to guess whether their dog was uncomfortable, itchy, or nervous. Now, you don't have to. The FitBark is like a Fitbit for your dog. It tracks their activity, as in how much they run around, but it also tracks their physical health and what they are experiencing. Combining the FitBark collar clip and the app, you can gain insight into how your dog is really feeling. You can know when your dog is anxious, itchy, sick, or really happy to see you.

Tractive - Dog Walking and Runaway Locating

What the FitBark lacks is GPS is where Tractive jumps in. The Tractive collar clip and app combined can help you keep track of your dog's location at all times, even if they escape the yard for a neighborhood stroll.

Routine exercise is essential in keeping your pooch mentally and physically well. Tractive is actually designed to help you optimize your walks. With its GPS function, you can map out your routes along with how long each walk takes and whether your dog is taking care of business normally along the way.

Annie Pet Monitor - Watching Your Pet Remotely

Finally, it’s natural to be concerned about your dog when you’re apart. App Advice explains Annie's Pet Monitor app is like a mobile-device baby monitor for your dog. You can pair mobile devices with your phone, such as a laptop or tablet at home. Select something in an open space to keep an eye on your pets. This way, you can watch your pet's bed, the back door, or whatever room your pet spends the most time in with live video feed. You can also talk to your pet through the app if he gets nervous or sad without you.

Be a better owner with on-demand training tips, medical records, and more. With this suite of apps by your side, you can become a top-notch pet parent. No more new puppy parent butterflies! You got this.

The Pet Pantry offers the finest pet foods and supplies on the market and free delivery if you spend over $40!

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