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Holiday Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers (and their dogs too!)

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The holiday season is upon us. You’re making your list, and even checking it twice, but you still haven’t discovered that perfect gift for the dog lover on your list. Look no further. We’ve been busy searching too, and we’ve hand-selected a variety of beautiful home gifts and other unique ideas that will perfectly celebrate the pride and joy your dog lover has about their loyal canine companion.

But we didn’t stop at pleasing the master: we’ve also found some special ideas that’ll have their furry friend’s tails wagging too!

For the Dog Lover

  • Pedigree Poem Pillow Put your proud bond on display with this decorative pillow featuring a playful acrostic poem which highlights your dog’s traits. From a French bulldog’s “yodel” to the “cavorting escapades” of the corgi, each pillow comes with a distinctive poem and a matching illustration. $90

  • Wipe Your Paws Holiday Doormat Made with festive green natural coir and adorned with dog silhouettes, this holiday doormat is a perfect gift for your favorite dog owner. $24

  • Doggie Toy Basket This creatively-shaped dog bone wicker basket is perfect for storing doggie treats, toys and leashes all in one charming container you’ll be glad to leave out. It’s crafted with handwoven rattan and a leather handle and latch to make it a stylish home accessory. It comes in two sizes. $69-$99

  • Custom Pet Silhouette Art Simply sneak a snapshot of your dog lover’s pet and upload it to, and they’ll create a custom silhouette art print for you. Printing is available in a variety of vibrant colors to match any home interior decor. $32-$156

  • Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit Help your dog lover learn more about their pet with this DNA kit that tests more than 250 breeds. They’ll discover their dog's lineage up to their great-grandparents. $79.99 on Amazon

For the Dog

  • A Dog Bed If you’re looking to spoil a critter, there may be no better way than treating them to a cozy, new dog bed. Depending on the dog’s age, you may consider a memory foam orthopedic for an elderly pet or a sumptuous fancy faux fur bed for a younger animal. It’s also important to select the right size, so be sure to get a measurement from nose to tail before making your selection. Dog beds with great reviews start as low as $20.

  • Pupjoy Monthly Dog Delivery If you’re a fan of organic and you like to shop for distinctive gifts, the Pupjoy monthly subscription is perfect. Each month, your pet lover and their dog will get a box filled with natural, organic treats, toys, and accessories from responsible artisan brands. With every box purchase, a portion of the order goes toward supporting animal rescue. $29

  • Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toy With nearly 10,000 reviews, this is one of Amazon’s top-rated toys for dogs. The soft interactive puzzle plush is something fun for dog and owner to play together. Available in four different sizes so it’s just right for your dog, you’ll enjoy watching your dog sniff out and find each hidden squeaking toy squirrel. $17

Special Bonus: For Both

  • A Personalized Stocking Nothing says you love the dog and their owner like giving them their own stocking on the holiday mantle. These personalized stockings come in a variety of different breeds all wearing Santa hats. Make them about the dog too, when you stuff them full of small toys and treats. $29.99

  • A Personalized Dog Treat Jar Various personalization companies across the internet sell unique dog treat jars you can customize for your dog lover and their pet. Fill them full of tasty treats, and you’ll have a gift both can enjoy. $20

  • There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite dog lover and their dog smiling as they open the gift you specially selected, so treat them to a thoughtful gift that they’ll remember you by. Remember, their house is not their home without their dog, so make him part of your celebration too! Jessica Brody

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