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6 Free and Cheap Ways to Keep a Clean House When You Have Pets

Pee, poop, and a plethora of other bodily fluids are all things you have to get used to cleaning up when you have a pet. But the love you have for your best bow-wow or kitty companion doesn’t erase the messes, and it doesn’t make it any easier on your wallet. But keeping a clean house despite claws and paws doesn’t have to put you in debt. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

1. Open window = odor-fighting breeze

Dogs don’t produce perspiration like humans do; rather, they omit oil to keep their hair and skin healthy. This leaves a lingering scent that can hit you right in the nose. The easiest, most effective, and cheapest way to eliminate pet odors is simply opening your windows. Letting the fresh air in has many other benefits, including ousting mold spores.

2. Stock up when you find a sale

Even if the windows are up, scents can stick tightly to carpet and upholstery. Plus, you’ll still need to clean your home’s hard surfaces. Don’t wait for the Sunday paper coupons – you can find plenty of special offers from retailers like Walmart simply by checking online.

3. Stock up on cheap cleaners

Looking for a sale is one thing, but there are a few ridiculously inexpensive cleaning supplies you can buy right now for two dollars or less. You can head to your local dollar store or stock up from home by visiting an online retailer like; stretch your dollars even further by keeping an eye out for cashback offers and online deals. Also make sure you have a couple of boxes of baking soda and a bottle of white vinegar on hand at all times.

4. Invest in a good vacuum

You’re going to have to spend some money here, but it is dollars well spent. A good vacuum cleaner can pull dog hair from the carpet and will come with tools and attachments to tackle stray kitty litter in hard-to-reach places. Honey will help you find the best deals on household goods, including vacuum cleaners, which can be expensive. The highest-rated vacuum cleaners for pets also include a HEPA filter and long-reach cord. You’ll pay for these features (a Dyson can set you back $500 or more), so save where you can.

5. Practice paw washing

One of the best ways to keep your house clean is to make sure messes don’t make it past the threshold in the first place. This can be tough, especially on days where rain creates the perfect mud bath in the backyard (and your dog will play in the mud). Keep their paws clean by making your own paw-washing station to use as you walk through the door. Cuteness has the instructions here. Every item on the list can be found at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General for only a buck or two.

6. Make friends with Mr. Clean

Slobber is a small token of appreciation left behind by a curious or loving pet. And while you can take a shower, your dog’s licky, sticky messes on the windows are a little tougher to tackle. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a mom’s best friend (sorry, Spike) when it comes to keeping things clean. These foam-based cleaners don’t require chemicals and can be reused multiple times. They’re available at Target (where you can find weekly deals and online coupons) and pretty much every other retailer that sells groceries or cleaning supplies

There you have it – six ways to keep your house clean without dipping into your savings. And while you will spend some money, especially on a good vacuum cleaner, keeping your home in tip-top shape will reduce wear and tear. This will save you in maintenance and replacement costs of things such as the carpet, which can run thousands of dollars per room.

Image via Pixabay

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